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Hello, mice!

As some of you may have noticed, I am a new "co-founder" of the group. (Actually, all I do is make sure your amazing submissions get into the right groups quickly!)
At my mentioned role, you may have also seen that your submissions do not take long to get submitted.
Well, I check DeviantART regularly so I can get back to you as quickly as I can, without hassle.

But of course, that doesn't mean you can just send your submissions into any old folder! I still decline stuff which I know should go into a different folder. From now on, if I have to decline stuff, I will note you privately the proper group, so you don't have to come asking us why your submission got declined.

This should make submitting things a lot easier for people who are new.

To give you a little hint of what I'm on about, I'll make a quick list for you guys to refer to when stuck on where to post your pictures!

-Meli's and Maharadjah's art is featured here, and only they can post in it!

General Fan Art/2:
-Art which has your mouse or someone else's mouse in it!

My mouse:
-Art of your mouse!

-Pictures of events ingame. This could be a screenshot of your mouse, a funny tribe chat message, an achievement, etc!

Group pictures:
-Art of 2 or more mice!

-Memes, colouring pages, bases, etc!

-Art of panels/comics from events which happened in game or something you think would be funny!

-Art of mice which move in the picture!

-A fanfiction or story which you've written/journal entries!

-Transformice related stamps for your profile!

Fur contest entries:
-This is no longer in use as of now, but it was for the fur contest back in 2013.

If your submission has been declined, I will remind you which group it should go in! But otherwise, this should help you.

If you need me to answer any questions or queries you may have, just ask! I'm sure I'll be able to answer it.
Anyway, it's nice being a part of the group, and I'm glad I can join you all!

Happy cheese collecting, mice!
Hey guys,
this is one of the admins, MorgiSchmorgi.

I'm here to apologize to anyone who tried submitting their art last week. I was gone on a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean and couldn't accept any art since I couldn't connect to the internet over seas.
Just now I tried to accept as many deviations as I could but quite a few got expired.

If you look through the submission stack and don't see one of yours then resubmit it because it may be one of the over 80 deviations that expired!

I'm very, very sorry this happened and I'll be on all day to make sure the re-submissions get through.
Thanks for your patience!

Okay I have now renamed General Fan Art to General Fan Art 2 and vice versa, so you may now continue to submit to the General Art Folder

I'm not sure if you know but the "General Fan Art" folder is currently full

Therefore for all future fan art, please can you submit to the folder named General Fan Art 2

Also as a reminder
Pictures with two or more mice go in Group pictures
Transformice mice only.
Stop with the submitting journals to this group about meeting in a room.


Just because you drew a mouse, it doesn't mean it is Transformice-related, so please can you not submit non-tfm art.

Thank you very much.
Pictures with two or more mice go in Group pictures
Transformice mice only.
Stop with the submitting journals to this group about meeting in a room.
We do not accept crossovers. Just because you drew something as a mouse doesn't mean it's Transformice.

Thank you very much.
:bulletgreen:The Carnival Event:bulletorange:

Yes, you've read correctly, the 2013 Carnival Event is back again this year! There is now music added to the map but that is all, so I'm sorry if the older players are disappointed. This year's event features three items and a map.

:bulletorange:Mice have to throw some confetti by pressing E to unlock items:bulletgreen:

There are no new items this year, I'm afraid, but if the admins release any I will update this journal as soon as I can!


:bulletwhite:Straw Carnival Hat

:bulletgreen:Green Carnival Hat

:bulletblack:Orange Carnival Mask


:bulletwhite:No titles.

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